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Interior Decorator
Professional Organizer

Growing up in Europe Ellen Kreutz, the President of Inspiring Interiors was always artistic and loved design. She started taking art classes when she was 5 years old and began sketching fashion with seven.

Her grandfather and one of her uncles were master carpenters and fascinated by woodworking she became a steady visitor and eager student in her uncle’s workshop. The knowledge she gained during those years came handy, when she and her friends started to move into their own small apartments on very low budgets. She designed space specific pieces of furniture, reinvented “reclaimed” existing pieces and enjoyed designing unique and very personal spaces.

After high school her desire to see more of the world made her opt for a career in Tourism. She has a Master of Business and Administration and worked many years in the corporate level of the Travel Industry. She organized, streamlined and redesigned many offices, traveled extensively and got to see all the beautiful areas, art, architecture, she had dreamed of and experienced different cultures, people and food. During this period in her life she considered interior design and painting as a hobby and she designed and redesigned various homes, as well as commercial spaces and offices.

In Canada she worked as an Executive Assistant and started to take night classes in art and design. She realized that this was now becoming a real passion and that is was the right time to change path. She also discovered that she was able to make a positive difference in people's lives. She had seen many people with demanding work and family lives who struggle to find quality time for themselves and their loved ones. Working with them and as a result helping them to live a better life gives her a deep satisfaction and fulfillment.

Certified Redesign & Staging Specialist
Interior Decorating Diploma
Professional Organizer

Inspiring Interiors Inc.
Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision is to be known for inspiring and innovative interior design.

Our Mission is to provide quality interior decorating, redesign and organizing services that help improve people’s lives and work performance. Our desire and passion is to work with the inner beauty, strength and talent of each person and to create homes and workplaces, which are not only beautiful but also bring an added depth of meaning, joy and satisfaction to people’s lives.

Our Corporate Philosophy is to always exceed expectations.

Guiding Principles

  • We will always strive towards excellence and to deliver quality services to our Clients within their schedule and budget.
  • We will treat all our Clients, Vendors and Suppliers with respect and fairness, to build a network of trust, reliability and understanding.
  • We will be ethical in all our dealings with Clients, Vendors and Suppliers.
  • We will always hire talented and exciting people who are not all alike.
  • We will be a learning organization that is constantly changing and questioning the way we do things.
  • We will strive to be a fun place to work in by being supportive, team oriented, laughter filled and friendly.
  • We will not take on a project that we know is not appropriate for us.

We are bondable and insured for your protection.

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